How to enjoy the weekend

Living in a city doesn’t always make you feel comfortable even though it is convenient in many ways. The accessibility to foods, basic needs and technology can be one of the very reasons why people prefer big city to small town. On the other hand, residing in a so-called crowded city can bring you stress, boredom, loneliness and other metal issues possibly. 

I have been living in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, for roughly eight years, and all the above problems have occurred to me every now and then. If you have a lot of friends, this can be less headache for you. However, if the friends part is not true to you, then this article might give you a slight idea on how you may find a tiny space to lift up your spirit at the weekends in order to prepare yourself for the weekdays to come.  

Early birds?

Getting up early in the morning at the weekends remains the problem for teenagers and adults. We love our beds more than anything. Every morning, most of us do not want to get up and only want to stay in bed for another 5 minutes. It’s weekend; why should I get up early? However, researches suggest that being an early bird makes you more productive during the day. I used to do that in the past, but this is not the case anymore. I have started to get early and do some exercise in the early morning, and it refreshes my mind. You don’t know how much you can do in 1 or 2 hours your extra sleep can do until you try it and find out. I promise you will be surprised. 


I know I sound like an extra kind of person who goes to gym to take pictures and post them on social media in order to claim that he or she is a healthy person; however, going to gym doesn’t only help us be healthy physically, but can also improve our mental health as well if you do it right. Going to the gym gives you time to enjoy your time. I notice that I have become stronger. I rarely get sick, nor do I find it hard to sleep at night like I used to. Thanks to my new acquired habit of going to gym. I spend some time of my Saturday morning to perform gym and I feel a lot better for the whole day. Believe me or not, exercising helps release stress and boredom. Don’t be so mean to yourself, go to gym some time or at the weekends; it won’t make you poor, but it will possibly make your health rich. 

Cycling in the city?

NOPE! Cycling make me look poor. I won’t do it. I hate sweat. It’s hot outside. It’s dusty. 

If all the above mentioned statements are true to you, I bet you have not tried it. REALLY. Cycling is a form of exercise which costs your almost nothing but your little energy. It doesn’t make you look poor. It makes you look healthy in people’s eyes. I have to admit that it’s hot in Phnom Penh or in other cities, but with proper clothing, you should not give yourself the excuse. If you are afraid to sweat, learn to. It’s one of the ways you can be healthy. Not saving your sweat and go to see the doctor at the end of each year. Sweat it out. If you have the problem with ride bicycle, buying one should be your concern. I know it is not really cheap, but you can save it. Just do it once, and you can have it probably … forever? Let say if you don’t buy new clothes this month or not going to expensive restaurants, you might be able to get your bike the following month. DEAL? 

My cycling experience last Sunday


On the ferry to Koh Oknha Tei (Photography by @Stacx.7)

Last Sunday, my friends and I rode to Oknha Tei Island, which is located about 15km away from the city. We had to meet up at about 6 at the Independent Monument. To get to our destination, we had to take a ferry. It was quite an interesting experience. We only paid 500 Cambodian riels per person and one bike. Traveling on water has always scared me, but I do it anyway. 


Waiting for the ferry to reach the land and start the journey (Photography by @Stacx.7)


When we got there, we had breakfast and bought some water for our journey. We spent the whole morning riding. We explored the island, the promising city. It has been being developed for some time now, and soon before we notice, this island will be as crowded as Singapore. (Fingers crossed) 

Lunch at Silk Island

Lunch at Silk Village

We did not stop at just one island; we took another ferry to visit another island near by. Silk Island was the name. We loved how quiet the place was. People were friendly and the smell of grass just made me miss my hometown. We had lunch there at the Silk Village. We got to see how the silk cloth was really made. As I know, to make one 8 meter silk cloth, a person has to spend 10 days. And this is the reason why silk cloth are expensive.

After spending some time there, we decided to come back. This time we had to cross a bridge to another island called Koh Dach (isolated island). We did not spend much time there. We took the next ferry to get to the main land and rode home. It was a long ride after all. 

I was exhausted when I got home, so decided not to go out and take some rest. 

My weekends now never make bored, stressed or lonely anymore. I make it the way I want it. And you can do the same. 

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One morning-ride

This might sound mainstream to some people, but trust me, it is new.

I have just started changing my diet and added a few hobbies namely gym and biking. As a matter of fact, I love how much I have progressed. I start to sometimes commute by bicycle which a friend lent to me. Biking isn’t that bad. At least it is better than I expected before I started.

Yesterday, I spent some time at a famous cafe in town, Brown Coffee. Then I cycled to the gym. Unexpectedly, it was my leg day. I was not prepared for that due to the fact that. I performed my routines and complete my sets. I was almost out of breath, so I walked to the window. It was windy outside, and the green artificial grass in the football pitch gave me a feeling of nature. I went back in and finally finished all the sets I had to.

It was the time I came to realize I had to ride home. Awww!!! What a sweet Leg Day.

This morning, the day after yesterday, two friends came to my house as we agreed to cycle around the city. I was late because I didn’t sleep at home. I was at my friend’s house, so had to ride back home and change.

Long story short, we rode our bikes round the city centre and past the royal palace. We took some pictures along the way. Biking is quite fun, though. In front of the royal palace, there were so many people, young, old, middle age and us. I spent some time observing others. They laughed, smiled, and some cried (the toddlers). There were a lot of pigeons. I missed my time when I was a kid. Even though I did have such fun memories, I could really recall how much wild and childlike I was.

Then we carried on our journey to a small coffee shop. It was my friend’s friend’s shop. It was sad, we already know I am not a really coffee person, that I only drank lemon tea with ice. Should have gone with a coffee. At least to taste it. The shop was near the Independent Monument. Most importantly, it was right across Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Mansion. It was a perfect spot where I could really enjoy watching people walking in the park, some kids riding bikes, tourists taking pictures, and the police directing the traffic. I sipped my tea and breathe slowly. I had rarely had such moment recently. It was a short break and I saw a lot of possibilities in life.

When you are having a good moment with friends, you really do not want to end. It is like the cure of every stress and negativities which come to you when you are a lone or lonely.

I did have a good time and appreciated every moment. I think I should keep doing it and clear up my mind little by little so that I can stay focus on what is import to me and what lies on my responsibility.

Something is coming. It is BIG.

the dragonfly mini team


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New Projects

I really do not know how to start. Well, let me do it my way.

Long story short, I have just started to change myself for a betterment. What comes next won’t bother me because I just love what it is now.


I have been to the gym for one month now. Three times per week. One hour every session. A skinny guy going to gym is not what people here expect. I have gotten laughed, eyed, glanced and looked at in a way I feel so inferrior. Do I stop there? NOPE. I am making it my way. I am doing it not for anyone else, but for my own sake. Even though I almost cannot see any changes on my body, I start to feel stronger and healthier. Is it placebo effect? I do not care if it is. What I do care is that I am doing the right thing at my own pace. Slowly, I have just gained 3 kilograms, from 52 to 55, and I am pretty happy with the result. Exercising is a part of my routines now.


I have talked to my friends a lot about starting a new hobby together so that we can be more productive and focused. Lately, a friend came to me and we agreed to write a blog together. It is under contruction now. Hopefully, I can introduce my new blog on this blog very soon.


After the gym session today, three other friends and I initiated a project together. We planned to start our own Facebook page, website and bog. We would focus more on travelling. We have already created the page, email and blog page. We have already checked out the first plan of the project. This is gonna be one of my favorite projects of all time.


Last but not least, I have just started a hobby of cycling. A friend of mine agreed to offer me his bike for awhile for the fact that I am currently having communting problem. I am going to cycle to work and this will add to my exercise schedule. How awesome!!! The question is that how long I can endure this.

We will see if this experiment will give me any fruitful results!!!

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A coffee once a week

I woke up with a call from a friend whom I had talked to the day before. He was in front of my house waiting for me to get ready for breakfast. It was 8.30 in the morning when I took a look at my phone which I normally place next to my sleeping sheet every night. “I’ll be ready in no time. Wait!” I turned on the music, rushed to the shower and then put on some lousy clothes just like I always do every weekend. Got down and hopped on his bike and we were ready for breakfast.

A not-fancy-but-popular breakfast in the city of Phnom Penh has always been rice with pork and an egg. But this time we added some brain. Yes you read it right, “brain“. I still am not sure what it was, but it tasted like guilty-hell. We loved it.

A good weekend-breakfast is not complete without a cup of fresh made coffee and that was what we did. We went to the Mobile Coffee, a new cafe shop near my workplace to which I had never been util today. We met another friend and three of us started talking about movies we liked and then they began to read their law related stuff, for they were prospective judges. I was there doing my things. You know, reading blogs, sipping my coffee, checking my about-500-plus unread emails, reading an ebook my friend just sent to me and writing this piece.

Five minutes earlier something hit me and I just began to write. A cup of coffee a week is so refreshing. I don’t literally mean the coffee, though. For I am not a so-called coffee person, still I prefer to spend time at a cafe to get the feeling of something I don’t know how to put in words. I just enjoy sitting and typing things out of my mind. It is chilling. Ideas flowing, imaginations striking and relaxation spreading all over me.”

We work day in and day out. We try so hard to get to our goals so that we can be happy, recognized and appreciated; however, very few people often come to realize that taking a break might help you boost your performance even better. Solutions to problems, answers to questions and ideas for new projects hardly or won’t come to you if you are too stressful, or if they do, they are just trash, or what we often call get-by-excuses. I can be wrong. I am not suggesting you should drop your work and chill out, but what you should be doing is manage your time and start to give yourself space to work more effectively and at best. It is okay to stop working for a moment and do the reflection and come back to work feeling like a LION with confidence and energy.

A cup of coffee = 4Rs (rethink, reflect, relax and refresh.)

What else do you need? I don’t even drink coffee. I just come to feel myself privilege.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.

Meanith is out. Peace.

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Praising is gold

No one likes being criticised; we all are more or less emotional. One thing that hits a person right in the chest is WORD. Words are like boats; they can float and can sink. If you use them wisely, it helps lift up a person’s spirit, but if used inappropriately, they hurt and leave scars.

It costs almost nothing to make a person smile, sometimes on the inside, by just praising a person, friend, coworker, colleague, student or teacher. Friendship is built bit by bit, little by little. Trust doesn’t happen in a split second or a snap of fingers. Practice using good words and saying something nice to people around you every day, you will see differences in you too.

Whoever is reading this, have a nice day!


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I could have achieved more at HOME


I guess we all have experienced this. More and more people are fighting for their dreams while neglecting what they could have done better if they did it. However, it seems controversial to some other parties. In fact, I myself have witnessed it.

I moved to the city last eight years and I have been living here in Phnom Penh since then. I have done nothing spectacular besides studying and working to just support life. I have to admit that I have learned a lot of life lessons; however, I have not done any recognized achievements so far. Compared to some of my high school friends, I have done very minimal. A few of them have already completed tons of projects and helped their community as much as possible. Some got married and have had a happy family with successful business. And I am sitting at a cafe writing this piece to remind myself that this is the the end of the story; it is just the beginning.

I could have done better, imagine, if I were at home now. I could have been very helpful to my parents on their farm and business. I could have become a local teacher or businessman. At least, I could have helped my community to grow. I could have got married and had a family fulfilling my parents’ dream. I could be close to them, but I am not.

Talking about my ambition of becoming a great educator and influential writer, I am struggling and quite indecisive at some points. On the other hand, giving up on the dreams is not an option for me as for every one of us.

Come to think of it, this really keeps my eyes open at night contemplating my next steps. There are tremendous possibilities that I one day will become something expected; however, there is still probability that I can reach what I have set. This gives my hope and energy to move on.

The thing is that we cannot be others. We should not compare ourselves to others. Meanwhile, we should never be ignorant. Keep an eye on people around us. Learn what happens and observe as LIFE IS A SERIES DOMINO EFFECT. 

With love,


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3 REASONS To Stop Talking

Actually, talking is one of the skills I acquire and love the most. It takes nothing to talk and we also enjoy it along the way. To me talking can help a lot with stress, loneliness and boredom.  I practice self-talk a lot, most of the time while riding or taking shower. Based on some researches, it helps boost our creativity and performance. Also it also elevates our self-esteem, which might play a very important role in self development. But why should you consider talking less from now on? 

Three reasons to pause before talking:

  1. YOU NEED TO THINK MORE THAN YOU TALK. We all agree that talking is a great way of communication; however, without proper thought, what you speak out might mislead. Therefore, every time before you want to say something, think twice or thrice whether it is important or beneficial. One other thing is that you have to make sure no one will get hurt because of your words. This will help you gain a lot of respect from people around you.
  2. YOU DON’T WANT TO MAKE YOURSELF A FOOL. It is easy to say things, but it seems a bit hard to correct what has been uttered. What has been heard the first time can already lead to a conclusion or (first) impression. It is critical to avoid making yourself a fool out of what you say. Ultimately, you might lose their (the listener’s) trust.
  3. YOU NEED TO ACCUMULATE THE INFORMATION INTAKE. Letting people talk doesn’t make you less intelligent. It is scientifically proved that people love talking about themselves or like giving opinion. You want to be in the next level, the listener. You should let people in the room talk and listen to them to detail. You might try to calculate all the information you hear and accumulate the thoughts. Eventually there will be time you can give your ideas. Because you have already heard people talking, you are at advantage. 1) you don’t have to repeat what has been said. 2) you have already analyzed the circumstance. 3) you have already arranged your ideas, so you will not look unprepared when you talk.

As has been said, talking or speaking might help you gain trust or cause you trust. It probably gives you the confidence or decreases your value, so before you talk, especially in a formal conversation or any kinds of public platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to name a few, you had better take caution, or els it seems like you read this article for nothing. (Joking) 

Best regards,


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