The third toilet

I am so certain about how I choose things. We all might have this kind of pattern-disorder. Imagine three books on the desk. They all are exactly the same. Guess which one most people would pick. The last one.

Rule of third is quite popular in photography and videography. Arranging your rooms or working desk might fall into this style of third as well. What is so special about it?

I have noticed that long ago. Whenever I visit the toilet, I normally walk past the first two room and enter the last one, which is the third. I don’t feel comfortable using the middle one and I feel unsafe using the first one. Maybe it is how psychology works.

This is a weird topic to discuss, but I reckon you might have some comments on it.

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10 sentences teachers would say

  1. This book is very commonly used.

(I also studied from it 40 years ago)

  1. It’s important to understand what the material means in general.

(I’m not good with details).

  1. Some might say…

(My guess is…)

  1. The answer to that question is not in the syllabus.

(I don’t know the answer to your question)

  1. We’ll discuss that question next week.

(I don’t know the answer to your question)

  1. I’ll let you search in the dictionary and find out.

(I don’t know how to spell that word)

  1. Some of you could have succeeded more in the test.

(You all failed)

  1. Are there any questions about the material we learned last lesson?

(Did any of you review the material as I asked?)

  1. Today we’ll split up into small studying groups.

(I don’t feel like teaching today so let keep yourselves busy)

  1. The homework is due on Monday.

(Ruining your weekend is the only fun I have left in teaching)


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Anna in the library

“Put it back in the self, will you?”
“Why should I? I want to read this book.”
“You can’t read that book. Don’t open it.”
I heard two people arguing with each other at the other side of the room. I assume they were a librarian and a student. I did not know what happened, so I went to see. I saw a few people there but there was no one arguing. “I must be daydreaming.” I thought to myself. I went back to my seat and continue reading until 11. I could hear my stomach talking, so I decided to come down and fetch some snack at the canteen. Since I was not allowed to bring foods and drinks inside, I finished everything in the study hall where many students were taking nap after hours reading.
Got back to my place, I noticed a figure sitting beside my seat. It was a girl whose hair was light red. I saw from the back while marching to my chair. “Why would she sit here?” I asked myself and then I realized that it was the only spare one. I did not talk and just sat there as normal when she asked for a pencil.
“You have a pencil, haven’t you?”
“Ahh. I do. Here you go.”
I didn’t know what she was doing but I was quiet sure she was a student from different department, probably Department of Media and Commercial. She was writing a report. So I started doing my work again, reading the basic of education teaching. At about 2 o’clock when she was hungry, she turned to me and asked for a favor.
“Can you go down and buy me some cookies and a bottle of water?”
“Why not? Wait a minute.” I didn’t know what to do, so I did what she asked.
Strangely, when I came back, I did not see her. “She must have gone.” I thought. She should have told me earlier so that I did not have to buy a lot of thing by now. I had not asked for her name anyway.
A moment later, a librarian came to me and asked some surprised questions.
“What is wrong with you today, Tom?”
“I’m okay sir. Why? Is something wrong with me?”
“Nothing. I just ask because I saw you were talking alone.”
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The “hardship”

“Hardship” I would only say.

I was totally depressed all day today (until now). I was thinking all the way I was walking home. I walked tiredly crossed two main avenues. It was about 7 o’clock in the evening, and the sky was getting dark. Along the streets, the light was splashing on my motionless face. I walked looking at the ground, counting my steps. I was thinking all the things that were happening.

“Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking? Does someone know what I feel? Do my friends notice my weird performance? Do they know what I am thinking all along? Does anyone know exactly how I feel right now?”

Yesterday, my mother phoned me just before I had dinner. We talked about various topics and finally we ended up talking about that problem. I asked her how was the business. She paused and replied that it was okay. I knew what it really meant. Her voice became softer and softer that I almost could not hear what she was saying. I was crying in her heart. She finally told me the truth that her business was about to fail again. “We would lose a huge amount of money which was expected to support our family for this summer,” she said. I almost cried out through the phone. I immediately was thing thinking of dropping of two majors I am doing nowadays. I told her that if we really face this financial problem, one among us, my brother and I, would need to drop. She said nothing but amusingly replied,” That’s okay. You don’t need to be aware of it. I can handle it. We must go forward not backward. We will see how the problems be solved. Just try to study until you tow graduate is the only thing I want.” After hearing those words, my heart started pounding faster and faster. I agreed with her, and hung up.

I am zero confident. No time to talk, no time to smile, and no time to joke with the other, but if I do, it was just to hide the truth. Inside, I have no more energy to walk, talk, and even my passion is getting lower and lower.

I am deciding whether I should drop or not. I am out of power right now. I am thinking of seek for a part-time job so that I could manage to reduce my parents’ debt. I really want to get rid of sponging off them. I am starting hating myself who still depend on them even though I am almost getting married someday already.

I wish, hope, and strongly wait to see my family get out of this problem.

I am sorry to write all this useless draft here where I am not supposed to do so, but this is the only thing I could think of. In short, I would protest that:

Money is not everything, but money is human inevitably need.”

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The watch

Once the watch is worn, he feels so confident.

He feels quite proud when he meets his friends.

Once the watch is taken off, the confidence fades away.

So he decides to wear his watch every single day.

He who has watches wears only one.

The leather is old, rusty and torn.

He thinks he will wear it until it’s gone.

This is a story of a man who wears a watch.

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Oftentimes we feel so confused and insecure. We lose our focus on dreams. Sometimes everything seems to go against us. They tell us everything is going to be alright. We accept it, but we don’t have enough confidence within ourselves. Our thoughts run around the corners of our room.

We don’t want to believe what we have been thinking. We have never wanted it to happened either. However, we get up feeling scared of the truth. We want to face it, yet we wish we didn’t have to.

When self reliance is just a house without people, it becomes meaningless. We want our own power to work and deal with problems, but it turns out to be something we can’t influence, and what we can really do is watch how the story unfolds.

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Watanabe and Julia | Emotional rollercoaster (#3)

When the time comes, you can’t do anything but go along. The day is bright, humid and partly cloudy. People are on the way to different destinations. Before you know it, it New Year. It’s 2019. Well, Watanabe wants to spend some time with his loved one. After the harvest of the day had ended, he gathers his friends and Julia is there too. “Let’s go on a trip on new year Eve”, he says. The day comes and there they go.

He is scared and anxious to go on a trip. It is a group trip but to him it’s a date because the one whom he is deeply in love with is also there. He doesn’t see anyone. His eyes are fixed and every action Julia does catches his two black rounded eyes. It is the happiest time of the year, he thinks.

The trip takes also half a day. It’s 50 meters away from their home. (Remember they are ants) Everyone is tired but no one takes a rest; they start the fun right away.

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A friend of mine

There was a time

A friend of mine

Asked me to be

The one that’s close

The one who shares

The one who bears

All the secrets.

A friend of mine is so confused

He gets so lost

That he seeks distance

A friend of mine is kinda tough

He doesn’t just want enough

He thirsts fulfillment

A friend of mine is rather young

He does look blank

Yet I still trust

We wish we could

Be what we would

But what we won’t

This is the truth

It isn’t you

A friend of mine.

Written by Meanith NOPNEM

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Frozen time

We all are selfish in a way we sometimes can’t even see it. Have you ever thought if ever time could unexplainably stop? I guess some of us have. We want TIME to stop right when we are content or at the peek moment of what we feel our happiness. Undeniably, we could care less about others. We people don’t feel happy at the same time. Reality is imperfect. Learn to not expect from it.

Imagine if we could possibly stay in, what we think, the best time of our lives with the one we love. That’s when I believe in GOD.

When was your best moment that you wish you could have been there forever?

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The faster, the more thrilling

Setting off the journey from the city after breakfast, I realized that the sun was almost in the vertical arc. Everyone was rushing to places while the police were busy controlling the traffic to help ease the crowdedness on the streets. Street vendors were out doing what they had been doing.

We spent about 20 minutes riding out of the city center. Yes, “we”. Four men and two scooters. I was the driver. While we were crossing the bridge, leaving the crowded city behind, a feeling hit me; I finally could get away for a short while.

Motorcycles, bicycles, tuk-tuks, trucks and so many other vehicles were pushing through in the same direction. The road wasn’t that narrow, but I looked so with hundred of moving machines.

Soon as we were out on a more open and quiet road, I started to accelerate. The speed went to 80 km/h. I wanted to make it to 100 km/h, but my scooter didn’t seem to cooperate. Yes, it was a Honda Click 2010 and it could run 100 km/h. I knew it, but perhaps I was scared, or maybe I was worried about a friend who is on the passenger seat behind me, who was trying his best to remain as still as possible. Without saying a word, I increased the speed little by little.

It felt thrilled. I was thinking about things. I know it’s dangerous to do so, but it was excited and my brain did it by itself. I noticed everything in front of me. I rode past four dying chicken, if I was not mistaken. Who would care about those runovered animals? I guess not.

The faster I went, the more thrilled I felt. I got a feeling of staying at the edge of a cliff where no one else around me. I couldn’t feel my face no more. Anything could have happened. In my head, the “what if?” questions came to me very often.

The excitement had flown away when we rode pass an accident. This time it was not the dog, cow or chicken. It was a little boy. A human kid was runovered by a truck. I felt deeply sad to learn that. I started thinking about anyone I know, not in particular. This thing happened quite often and people are used to it, but not the family of the victims. And it ended my thrilling acceleration.

Road trip is fun, but precautions have to be the top priority.

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